In-game payments

In-game and in-app billing allows games developers to charge players within the world of the game itself. Conversions are higher because players typically do not have to open a new window or go to a third-party website to pay.

The billing can take on the personality of the game, with the billing interface reflecting the game's look and feel. This is great for enhancing the publisher's brand and boosting loyalty.

With JunglePay, we're working on innovative solutions to make it as easy as possible to put billing directly within your games.

Currently, this can be achieved by using JunglePay's API. By tapping directly into our billing functionality, Flash developers can build a payment solution within their games - without starting from scratch.

In-app billing
Much of the billing functionality is provided for you, so you're not having to reinvent the wheel. All you need is some proficiency using Flash, access to JunglePay's API and its documentation, and you can monetize your games and in-app content quickly and elegantly.

JunglePay's API allows developers to create a virtual economy within their games and applications, charging players for points or any virtual currency scenarios you can think of.