Looking for Mobile Payments? Try JunglePay

JunglePay is an Award-Winning Online Billing solution for charging your customers online.

Offering three payment options in the form of Mobile Billing, using SMS Billing as the primary billing option, with the added advantage of IVR Billing (Phone Billing) and Credit Card, there is always a way to pay.


Online Billing

Online Billing in one place

Based on txtNation's mature Mobile Payments Gateway, JunglePay is a robust, secure way to charge your customers. Whether you want to charge for access to your membership area, points in an online game, or in many other online scenarios, we can help you.

We connect dozens of networks across the world, exposing your business to millions of consumers.

Mobile Networks

Using a customisable interface, and easy installation, JunglePay is a first-class Mobile Billing application that provides a comprehensive Mobile Payments API so you can create your own unique billing platform.


JunglePay Example

It features internationalisation options, with 25 languages and on-the-fly currency conversion. Using our control panel, you can change the look of the interface your customers see - for billing that fits right in. Whatever your brand or location, JunglePay will feel at home.


JunglePay SMS Billing

There are several easy ways to install JunglePay using our automated installer on your server, hands-on with our support team, or via our extensible API.



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