Mobile Payments API

JunglePay is designed to be accessible to those with basic technical skills. Adding JunglePay to collect Mobile Payments from your website is very easy and we can assist you every step of the way.

For more advanced functions, you will need more technical skills or have access to someone who does.

You may wish to connect our online billing solution to your membership area, so that your members are permitted access upon payment. For such solutions, some technical work is required, but this should not put you off.

Advanced Users
Click here to see our API
(API - Mobile Payments and Phone Billing)

When your customers pay, our servers can send your server a notification of payment. What you do with this notification is up to you. It can trigger the creation of a member account, a confirmation email, or anything that can be programmed for the web or online-enabled devices.

Our control panel includes a range of options to customise JunglePay to your liking. For advanced options, where you want to maintain control over every aspect of your billing process, we can supply you with our API.

The important thing is to talk to us if you are in doubt. Adding billing, basic or advanced, to your website, is no longer the headache it once was. Let us show you the way.